Mandurah Crab Fest Recipes

Saturday March 17th 2018  

10am  Singapore Chilli Crab (Josh Catalano) Fish BOSS

11am Soba Noodles with Crab ( Susanna Carr)

12pm Okonomiyaki ( Monika Kos)

3pm Asian Crab Salad with Crispy Noodles (MKR Stella & Jazzey)

Sunday March 17th 2018

10am Bruschetta Crab Aligot ( Nikki Gogan)

11am Crispy Skin Salmon Chilli Crab Hollandaise (MKR Stella & Jazzey)

12pm Crispy Fried Ravioli with Crab Basil Dip

2pm Crab Pasta Alla Marco (MKR Davide & Marko)

4:15 Grilled Fish with Salsa  Livelighter Mayor Williams 

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